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Aisha-Ochuwa bags Platinum Distinguished Leadership Award

Aisha-Ochuwa Tella is a force to reckon with, this is because she sets apart several prosperous businesses and draws on the world with her entrepreneurial acuity, remarkable organizational environment, and enthusiasm for progress.

Aisha is a leader that has received recognition across the country for being a phenomenal corporate mogul who assists individuals in achieving their professional goals. Most recently, Aisha was recognized for her role as Matron of the National Association of Northern Students.

As a result, Aisha Ochuwa was recognized as an emblem of societal advancement by the National Association of Nigerian Students, which awarded her with the Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna Platinum Distinguish Leadership Award. This, however, was in acknowledgement of her immense contribution to humanity, hypothetical refinement, youth mandate, and development.